For over a decade, Aventine Gardens has been designing, building and maintaining some of the finest and most productive vegetable gardens and surrounding landscapes in Litchfield and Fairfield Counties of Connecticut. We have recently expanded to include gardens on the east end of Long Island.

Our clients delight in the abundant organic produce that overflows onto their counters in the summer and fall.  Among many services, we offer our assistance in preserving this bounty (drying of herbs and teas, canning, picking, freezing and processing of jams and jellies, etc.) so that this joy can last throughout the seasons.  Our gardens add not only an element of beauty and sustainability to the client's property, but to add the great value of enhanced health and a deeper connection with one's food.  Aventine Gardens is proud to be part of a larger national movement to become re-aquainted with the source of our food and to nourish our bodies in a way that is healing and powerful - through organic, local and whole foods.

 Erin Walrath and Peter Mariano bring over 50 years of collective gardening experience to the table.  Our gardening services are enhanced by Erin's design degree from RISD and her deep interest and education in integrative nutrition.  Peter's background as a rigger and sculpture mover, and his experience in environmentally friendly design and building brings an additional layer of insight to the gardens we develop.

Menu of Services

  • growing of vegetables of your choosing from our extensive brochure of heirloom and eclectic options
  •  fruit trees and orchards, growing and preserving of berries
  • option of extended growing season with cold frames and hoop houses for winter harvests and fresh greens March-December, 
  • full scale maintenance of gardens, harvesting, cleaning and delivery of produce to the kitchen per your requests
  • drying of produce for; teas, herbs, dehydrated edible flowers, braiding of onion and garlic 
  • canning, pickling and preserving and freezing of a variety of vegetables including; beans, beets, pickles, cucumbers, tomatoes, spinach, zucchini, garlic, fruits and berries...
  • tapping of Maple trees for sap and processing of syrup
  • beekeeping on site for improved pollination and harvesting of honey
  • customized labeling and gift creation from any of the above services, including seed packets, jellies and jams, teas, honey or maple syrup.  Highly personal and very local gifts are meaningful and ecologically friendly!
  • on-site instruction for children and/or adults, the client's involvement in any of the above processes is welcomed but not necessary
  • seasonal recipes to help make the most of your harvests
  • culinary services through our affiliation with professional private chefs - this may include garden to table dinner events or everyday assistance in food preparation, juicing, etc.
  • seasonal and event decorating, fresh bouquets from gardens, concierge...